You can apply for your provisional driving licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday? You can apply online via the website and use your passport photo as proof of identity! It costs£50 but includes Free upgrade to a full licence once you pass your test.

Learning to drive can be divided into three stages:

PHASE 1 – “The Early stage”… covers the controls/instruments,safety checks, road positioning,moving off & stopping,clutch control,importance of mirrors and there use,emergency stop.(includes Free handouts-to recap what has been learnt) During this time an assessment can be made of approximately how long it will take to reach test standard and how the learning process will fit in with your life! The multiple choice part consists of 50 questions and you have 57 minutes to complete it? As of September ’09 a series of questions will be based around a case study of real life driving experiences. The pass mark is 43 out of 50! You can practise your theory on-line via the DSA website.

PHASE 2 – “Now you have the feel”: Topics covered are:driving in traffic,correct use of signals,approaching junctions,use of speed-moving off quickly,identifying pedestrian crossings, planning the drive ahead and developing anticipation skills.Now is the time to start practising with someone you can trust. If the car is different give yourself time to adjust and make sure your insured!

PHASE 3 – “Preparing for the challenge”… you should be really becoming confident behind the wheel now and ready to take on major roundabouts and more complicated junctions.You will also be reversing in a straight line as well as around corners and obstructions,parking and turning the car around in the road,and including using faster roads and dual carriageways. Review everything you have learnt,practice as much as possible. AIM HIGH !!


DID YOU KNOW… Before you take the practical test a theory test has to be completed and passed.This costs £31 and consists of a hazard perception part and a multiple choice question part. It is recommended that you do not take your theory test until you have had some practical experience of driving.

DID YOU KNOW… The hazard perception part follows a series of 14 short video clips of everyday road scenes each with a developing hazard and one has two. There are no repeats – you don’t get a 2nd chance to see a hazard!! The maximum score for each is 5 marks and the pass mark is 44 out of 75.

DID YOU KNOW… Before you take your practical driving test as you head towards the car the examiner will check your eyesight ,by getting you to read a vehicle’s number plate from approximately 20 metres away. FAIL this and your test won’t go any further!!!! So remember to take your specs with you if you need them for driving.