So what can you do to improve your fuel efficiency?

Despite fuel prices going down in ,there is still room for more efficient driving.The average price for fuel in Brentwood is £1.05 per litre and Diesel £1.13 per litre.

Eco driving in Brentwood is a style that is both ecological and economical.The combination of safe and defensive driving styles can improve road safety and reduce fuel consumption,as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


By looking well ahead,and anticipating, scanning the road,keeping a safe following distance, and easing off the gas in plenty of time,will help reduce fuel use.Using this better planning technique and avoiding harsh and late braking  and by keeping your car moving albeit very slowly,will conserve the vehicles kinetic energy,and in turn save fuel and reduce CO2.


Without doubt the faster you drive the greater the amount of fuel you’ll use.Reducing your speed can make a significant difference to the amount of fuel used.

Driving at 70 mph uses up to 9 % more fuel than travelling at 60 mph,and 15%more than at 50 mph. If you drive at a steady speed,use cruise control where appropriate, avoid big variations in speed will keep fuel consumption down.Remember try Eco-driving in Brentwood and avoid “coasting”-by depressing the clutch too early causing the car to free wheel- uses more fuel than easing off the accelerator whilst remaining in gear.


Being in the correct gear will also help save fuel,by changing into the highest appropriate gear as soon as possible and block changing is preferred to continually changing up and down through the gears.

Try to keep the engine running at the most efficient level between 2-3000 revs per minute.Correctly matching engine speed to the road speed will reduce fuel use and wear and tear on the engine and gearbox.


When stationary and the engine is idling,it gives off more pollution than when the vehicle is moving.Fuel is only partially combusted because the engine is not operating at its peak temperature.The build up of fuel residues can damage engine components and increase consumption.If you likely to be stationary for a while switch off your engine.This is why Hybrid vehicles and stop start options on new cars obtain better fuel economy in urban driving.