Automatic Driving Pass in Brentwood

Another automatic driving pass this time for Sadie Chapman.

Well done for passing your automatic driving test at Brentwood test

center and only getting two driver faults,what a great drive.

Sadie from Ingrave near Bentwood has been learning to drive with Driving Success and at first tried manual driving lessons.She later discovered that she was much better suited to an automatic car and following that got her own Vauxhall Corsa to practice in with Mum and Dad.

Driving herself back and forth to work with Mum she soon realised the benefits of the automatic and the experience really boosted her confidence on the road.

Sadie passed her practical driving test on Monday 23rd February 2015 at the DVSA driving test centre on Warley Hill,Brentwood.

She said that not only was she pleased to have passed her test,but has become a proper driver and not just capable of passing a test.

Her lessons have prepared her for the challenges ahead when she has to drive on her own.

Jeremy and Driving Success driving School would like to wish you all the very best for the future and many happy years of safe motoring.