Another success this time for Colette Barr from Brentwood who passed her practical driving test at the first attempt at the DVSA Driving Test Centre, on Warley Hill Brentwood.

Colette was over the moon and was shocked by the news when the examiner told her she had passed her driving test.Convinced that it would take her two attempts her emotions got the better of her.

Her bubbly personality soon took over and she was smiling and jumping (literally) for joy at the news.

Colette said that thorough practice had seen her through and although she was nervous about the test she relaxed more as the drive went on.

Congratulations Colette from Jeremy and Driving Success Driving School and many happy years of safe motoring.

Learning to drive in Brentwood

There are many misconceptions about passing your driving test in Brentwood.

The pass rate figures published by the DVSA can indicate that very few people pass their driving test in Brentwood,but this is very misleading as Colette above can prove.

Using Colette as an example her approach was simple I need to put the practice in order to become a proficient driver and pass the driving test.Only then can you look back and say with confidence that you’ve earn t the right to drive and hold a full driving licence.

So why do the figures paint a different picture?

Often people from out of the Brentwood area book their test at the   Brentwood  driving test centre and arrive unprepared for the conditions they face.

Whilst it should be possible to pass your test anywhere if you are ready,knowing the roads you are likely to use on your practical driving test is a distinct advantage,especially if have driven on them before.

Take Colette’s advice practice and practice some more.