A first time pass and “zero”driver faults is quite an achievement and that’s what Vivek Krishnakumar from Herongate,Brentwood did. Vivek became the first pass of the new 2015-16 financial year rather apt as he’s an accountant.He took his practical driving test at the DVSA Driving Test Centre on Warley Hill,Brentwood on Tuesday 7th April 2015.Many Congratulations Vivek from Jeremy Pollard and Driving Success driving school.

First time pass”zero”faults

Statistically the pass rate in the UK  is around 40% and Brentwood is very similar,in fact a little higher.Passing your driving test first time is not easy,but that doesn’t mean its impossible and some people manage it.However as I am sure your aware hoping to achieve this doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.Good regular training is essential. People should allow a minimum of one hour a week and this is sufficient for the most.In the main at least 25-35 lessons are required to reach test standard with an additional 20 hours of private driving once you’ve reached a safe standard.

Making good use of the roads where the test routes  cover include Shenfield,Pilgrims Hatch,Warley,Harold Wood and South Weald and of course central Brentwood.This will help become acquainted with the likely roads you may use and give you a good account of the varying road types.

As with any skill it continues to improve the more you practise and often people say they learnt more once they passed their test and to some extent that may be true.However to reach that test and achieve 100% a clean sheet is quite rare.


If you look back at the last recorded figures 2013-14 for Brentwood Driving Test centre out of 628 males only 278  passed their test first time (44.3%) and only 4 passed with “zero” faults.Females faired less favorably and out of 620 taking their test first time only 247 managed a first time pass with none achieving “zero” faults.