Charley Bennett from Shenfield had driving test success,as she  passes her practical driving test this time.At 10:14 am,on Friday 24th April 2015 at the DVSA Driving Test Centre,on Warley Hill,Brentwood it was Charley’s turn to shake off any nerves  take her driving test and pick up a pass certificate for a full driving licence.

Many congratulations Charley as you prepare to get your car on the road,hope you have many years of safe and happy motoring.And remember you can still improve your skills by taking the Pass Plus course.

Enjoy your driving

A recent survey has found that eight in ten drivers really do enjoy the experience of being behind the wheel.

The research showed two golden ages of motoring- new drivers aged between 18-24 are the happiest especially when they first tear up their “L”plates,though the “silver steerers”-over 55’s that most enjoy the driving experience.

Despite traffic congestion, the condition of the roads and fluctuating fuel prices;Brits actually enjoy driving.When motorists find fun in driving they are more likely to be relaxed yet attentive to what they are doing and how well they drive.

Eighty per cent prefer a leisurely excursion without always a destination in mind,avoiding any pressure to get somewhere at a particular time.Often this happens at weekends with most wanting to drive into the country on rural roads.

Brentwood is well placed for this activity there are lots of places to visit in and around the district,and avoiding the motorways and dual carriageways you can drive easily to nearby villages like Blackmore, Ingatestone and Ongar.

Young people; 18-24 were identified as enjoying their time driving alone in the car as a time to reflect and think about things.