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Happy Lory’s passes his driving test

Passing his practical test puts a smile on Lory’s face.

In miserable weather conditions,it soon became a happy day for Lory’s from Ingatestone as he passed his practical driving test at the DVSA Driving Test Centre,on Warley Hill,Brentwood on Wednesday 29th April 2015.

Soon Lory’s will be swapping two wheels for four; and getting to work as a chef to prepare meals in nearby Stock will be a whole lot easier.

All the best to you,going to miss our intellectual discussions.From your instructor Jeremy Pollard and Driving Success driving School.

Buying your first car

Now that you’ve passed its time to look out for your first car,what make do I go for? where to get it from ?Petrol or diesel? Manual or automatic? It can be exciting and daunting at the same time,but take a few moments to decide before heading out and buying the first car you see.

In Brentwood there are a number of car dealers offering new and used cars and often its good to start near to home, why travel miles away when you may find what you want in Pilgrims Hatch,or Shenfield or West Horndon.


In the main most new drivers look to buy a compact hatchback type car with a small engine for economy and to keep the insurance costs down.Find out whether it may be cheaper from an insurance broker to have a black box fitted as this can monitor your driving use and keep your premiums down.

Buying a used car 

A few tips on what to look out for;has the steering wheel or gear knob been worn?Does this tally with the mileage?Are all the MOT’S in order and does the mileage recorded on them tie up with whats on the car? Are all the keys available?Replacement keys are expensive and may have to be reprogrammed. Are there stickers on the windows covering up an old registration number etched onto the glass?

Good luck buying your first car.