Orlando achieves Driving Test Success  

Passing your driving test can mean so much to a person and on Wednesday 13th May 2015 it certainly help change Orlando’s life.

Originally from the Philippines now living and working in Hutton,Orlando had taken his test back home and now needed to get a UK driving licence.

Abolishing bad habits and different driving styles he learnt from his country meant a tough task lay ahead.His determination to succeed and improve,helped him to a pass at the DVSA Driving Test Centre in Brentwood.

Congratulations Orlando on your driving test success; from your driving instructor Jeremy and Driving Success driving school.

Probationary Period 

Now that you’ve passed your driving test it’s important you drive sensibly and you’ll be fine.If you don’t and are stopped by the Police and fined you’ll certainly rack up penalty points.

The two year probationary period applies to anyone gaining a new licence,regardless of age or experience and will include any points on a provisional licence as these are carried over.There’s no clean slate.

Breaking the rules

Its easy to get caught breaking the rules.get kicked and you could say goodbye to your licence.This can increase Insurance premiums in the process.Its not difficult to avoid,just drive sensibly.

Penalty Points

These are some of the most common offences by drivers that cause penalty points;Speeding at least three points and £100 fine.Failing to stop at a Zebra crossing,using a mobile phone whilst driving,jumping a red traffic light all guarantee three points and £100 fine.

More serious offences like driving without due care and attention or driving without insurance,or driving under the influence of drink or drugs incur substantially more and possible a driving ban.

Keep your vehicle in good condition.Ensure the tyres are not damaged,worn or flat you can three points for each tyre that is and up to £2500 fine.Make sure the car has a MOT if its older than three years,theres no excuse there are plenty of garages in Brentwood to get this done.Remember driving without one could mean no insurance!