Driving the new premium automatic car from Driving Success,It was the turn of Roxanna Ene from Billericay who successfully passed her practical driving test at the DVSA Driving Test Centre in Brentwood on Wednesday 29th July 2015 at the first attempt.

Conscientious Roxanna,worked hard to achieve her goal and told everyone she knew that she was taking her test so was delighted she passed and can now tell all her family and friends the great news.

No longer will you have to struggle to work, good luck with buying your first car.

Many congratulations from Jeremy your driving instructor for many safe and happy years of driving.



When it comes to choosing which type of car you want to learn in; its personal choice.However you may need to consider whats best for you now and consider the future.

Learning with Driving Success gives you that choice of manual or automatic and therefore whether you live in Bentwood or Billericay or Ingatestone or Shenfield you can try what’s best for you.

A lot of people struggle with driving a manual car and operating the gears and concentrating on the road ahead and the automatic option gives them the skills still needed to drive and become independent.

Many more cars are now available in automatic and the new engines although use more fuel than manual cats are becoming very efficient and eco friendly.

Remember passing your test in an automatic car will maean your licenced only to drive auto’s and to drive a manual car would mean taking a further test.However taking a test in a manual car would give you the freedom to drive both.

Whichever you decide to drive do it well and enjoy being a motorist and the benefits it gives you.