tyre tread checker


How many of you check the condition of your tyres regularly?

It has been found that few drivers carry out routine checks of any sort to their tyres.

Getting stopped by the Police and found to have illegal tyres could mean £2500 fine and three points on your licence.

The findings come from the most comprehensive survey conducted across Britain’s tyre industry to date,which collated data on the tread depth of tyres when they were replaced.

With the legal minimum limit at 1.6mm,tread depth plays a decisive factor in braking and steering especially in the wet.

Research has demonstrated that the braking distance from 50 mph to standstill in wet conditions increases by more than the length of a shipping container(14 m) when driving using worn tyres,which dramatically raises the chance of a collision.

The main reason for so many millions of motorists taking these risks is a lack of understanding and driver education. Tyresafe don’t believe drivers are intentionally putting others at risk its more a question of educating motorists to take more responsibility for their safety and others on the road.


As well as the tread depth being sufficient its essential the tyres have the correct air pressure.

You’ll find the correct pressure according to the tyres fitted in the cars handbook and sometimes its marked on a plate in the door jam.

Just spending a few minutes checking them with a reliable tyre pressure  gauge,might just safe a life. Check also the condition of the tyre look for any cuts and bulges on the side wall and avoid bumping up and down kerbs.

Looking for uneven  tyre wear could mean a problem due to under or over inflated tyres. Look for the small blocks within the tread;when they are flush it means the tyre needs replacing as its reached the minimum 1.6mm legal limit.

There are plenty of garages in Brentwood,like Kwik-Fit in London Road,and ATS in Wash Road,Hutton that can help you out with a free tyre check,so there’s no excuse!