First time pass for Jack

September 28th 2015 will be a day to remember for Jack Browne as he passed his practical driving test first time.

Jack from Hutton was delighted with the news that he had passed having worked hard to achieve his goal.He took the test at the DVSA Driving Test Centre on Warley Hill Brentwood at 11:11 and was given the good news following the forty minute test.

Many congratulations Jack from Driving Success Driving School and your driving instructor Jeremy.

Good luck getting your car on the road and enjoy many years of happy motoring.


Passing in Brentwood

Learning to drive in Brentwood and more importantly passing your practical driving test can be for some quite straight forward,others that are reading this will be shouting out “oh no its not!”

It depends on your view,but having trained and  taken many many people through to test in Brentwood including both my sons,alot depends on how well prepared you are and how well you can cope under the pressure of the examiners eyes on you during the driving test.

The DVSA driving  test centre is situated on the corner of Junction Road and Warley Hill in Brentwood. Getting off to a good start is essential to help calm the nerves and to settle into the groove of driving again.

Test routes can go off in a number of different directions and include the High Street,Pilgrims Hatch,Shenfield,central Brentwood as well as further a field like Harold Wood and Harold Hill.

All tests can include main A type roads,residential streets,country lanes, and dual carriageways.So it could easily be expected to use the Wilsons corner junction at the top of the High Street and then slip on to the Brentwood bypass and the A12 towards Brook Street roundabout.Possibly returning via Mascalls Lane and Warley Hill before returning to the test centre.

The biggest tip I can give is make sure your prepared for the test,get to know the areas used and  try and relax and enjoy the event after all it may be the only time you get to do it!