An icy road  in Knutsford, Cheshire

Driving in Icy road conditions

Finally winter has arrived in Brentwood Essex and we have seen the first icy road conditions.Driving can be extremely hazardous and new or inexperienced drivers are most at risk as many have not had the chance to drive in such conditions.

Its good to be prepared when going out on the roads especially early in the morning and later at night.This is the time when “Jack Frost” likes to do his work and often its when roads are quieter of traffic.

Try to keep to main roads,side streets and country lanes can often be worse to drive on.This is because they tend not to treated with salt  by the Highways Agency and again because they take less traffic.

Before making a journey

Ensure your tyre pressures are correct and that they have sufficient tread.Always maintain adequate tread use a gauge to check or visit many of the tyre companies like ATS in Wash Road Hutton or Kwik Fit on London Road Brentwood.

The battery in winter runs down quicker with more use from the heater and heated screen,try to do a regular long journey to top it up.

Ensure you have sufficient screen wash and the concentration is correct to prevent freezing.

The locks on the car can benefit from a squirt of WD40 to avoid the locks from freezing up,likewise a wipe with a soft cloth to the rubber door seals can prevent the doors from freezing shut.

Keep your fuel tank topped up to avoid being caught out and having sufficient fuel to make it home if your journey has to take a detour and to keep the engine going to keep you warm.

Winter driving Kit

Prepare your journey by carrying an essential winter driving kit.

Don’t leave home without it!

*Torch *Blanket *Coat/Gloves *Boots/Wellingtons *Flask-hot drink/snacks *Mobile Phone portable charger *Road Atlas *Jump Leads *De Icer *Tow Rope *Shovel *Carpet/Mat