driver using sat nav

Driving Test Changes

The promised changes to the practical Driving test are soon to be implemented in Brentwood. Designed to make the driving test more reflective of real life driving.

Importantly are the changes going to affect you?or are you likely to have passed your driving test before December this year?

The changes to the Driving Test will not mean anything for new pupils starting from September onward as they will have not known what went on before.If however you have perhaps taken a test before and failed you will now need to know how the changes will affect you and to make sure your prepared.

For most people taking their practical driving test can be a nervous time and you don’t want to make things worse for yourself by not being prepared for what is coming during the test.

Here are the important changes that you need to be aware of :

The “show me”and “tell me”questions previously asked about various safety and maintenance questions relating to the car will now be separated and the “tell me”question will ┬ábe asked before moving the car away.The “show me” question will be asked during the test whilst on the move although it is possible that you may be asked to pull over and asked to show the examiner the control if its safer to do so.

The independent drive section will now be longer than previously and may use a sat nav system for you to follow instructions lasting up to 20 minutes.

The new reverse manoeuver will be pulling up on the right side of the road and reversing for about 2 car lengths keeping reasonably close to the kerb.

Parking in a bay will now be a real possibility in the Brentwood test area but only driving in forward to a bay managing to keep within the lines and reversing out again.