Customer Reviews

Driving Success offers the best in driver training, but don’t just take our word for it, just take a look at what our customers had to say.

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 Driving Success-Customer Reviews

Peter Suwanaban:

Peter SuwanabanI recently passed first time before going back to university. I felt very confident during the test and it was down to the learning experience I had. The lessons with Jeremy have been engaging and effective in learning and improving my driving. I truly recommend him to anyone wanting to start driving or wanting to pass their test.


Phil Humphrey:

Philip HumphreyThanks for all your help. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Driving success. Jeremy was a fantastic teacher and boosted my confidence massively. Would highly recommend others compared to other teachers. Thank you.


Kyran Davis Eyre:

Kyran Davis-EyreJust passed my driving test first time, felt completely comfortable with Jeremy! He helped me learn to drive and made it an enjoyable experience! Great teacher, and a friendly instructor! Thanks Jeremy!


Carolina Alves:

Carolina AlvesJeremy!!!! What to say about such good times I had during my driving classes!!!? I must say that I was not happy about taking classes again after driving in my country, Brazil, for more than the 15 years. But, by the end the day, it was a truly enjoyable experience…and I am sure that is your “fault!” You “cleaned” all my bad habits in a such careful and attentive way (and this is important for “old stubborn” drivers like me!!!) that it all started making sense (including the fact that you British drive in the wrong side of the road ☺ )! Besides, you taught me so much about all UK’s traffic rules, codes, conducts, tradition, (and bad habits too)…that our classes were in fact one more opportunity to learn about the cultural life of this wonderful country! If this wasn’t enough, your are a witty, fast-thinking and extrovert person….so our classes were always so much fun! I will miss that! Ah, got my full driving license this week!!!! Uhuuuuuu!!! Roundabouts, here I come (in the appropriate lane this time!!!!!!!) Thank you very much!


Sadie Gale:

Sadie GaleCouldn’t have wished for a better instructor! Put me at ease from day one and boosted my confidence with each hour spent in the car.


Alice Gomez:

Alice GomezJeremy always helped to reassure me when it came to driving. He made me more confident as I had more lessons with him and made me even more motivated to pass my driving test! Thank you for teaching me how to be a safe driver I would recommend Jeremy to anyone! Thank you.


Molly Yarwood:

mollyI would just like to say thank you to Jeremy for all the lessons I have had with you. You have helped boost my confidence in becoming a safe driver. I would recommend Jeremy to new drivers as he is reassuring in your drive with him. Thank you again Jeremy!


Penney Mumford:

pennyThanks to Jeremy and Driving Success in helping me pass first time. He’s a great instructor and as I am from America I found it difficult at this stage in my life to learn how to drive in the UK and pass my test, but thank God for Jeremy.


Carlos Feliciano:

carlosI would recommend Jeremy to help you to pass your driving test. Book your driving lessons with Driving Success. Jeremy is calm and doesn’t put pressure on you but helps build your confidence in yourself.


Tom Kirby:

TomNow that I have passed my driving test first time I would like to recommend Driving Success. Jeremy always made the lessons interesting yet fun and now thanks to him I am enjoying driving on my own. Thank you.


Shanty Thomas:

shantyI chose Driving Success, because of the difficulties I was having previously with a National Driving School. I would highly recommend Jeremy for your automatic driving lessons.


Sanchita Sivaraman:

SanchitaThanks to Jeremy and Driving Success, who enabled me to relax and put me at ease and gave me so much encouragement that I was able to pass my driving test with “zero” faults.


Sam Bill:

samI am so happy that I passed my test having had difficulties with two other diving schools and failed. Jeremy and Driving Success helped boost my confidence to shake off the fears and believe in myself. I would definitely recommend him.


Jack McCarthy:

JackMassive thank you to Jeremy for helping me pass my test really quickly first time. You’ve been a brilliant coach, really professional throughout and I would recommend him to anyone.


Ellie Nicholls:

Ellie NichollsJust a big thank you to Jeremy for helping me in learning to drive and pass my test first time. Its an amazing feeling when you do and its all thanks to Jeremy and Driving Success as I never thought I could do it.


Matthew Williams:

Matt WilliamsIf you are looking for a reliable knowledgeable, patient and friendly driving instructor, look no further than Jeremy Pollard. I had used other driving schools within Brentwood with little success, but Jeremy got me back on track and focused on what you need to know to become confident behind the wheel in a great teaching style. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy if you want to become a safe and competent driver.


Georgina Holford:

Georgina HolfordAfter many Saturday afternoons in the car with Jeremy he has undoubtedly prepared me for safe driving for life and appropriate experience of different road conditions. Jeremy is easy company and makes driving a real pleasure. Thank you for guiding me to a speedy pass!


Steve Crooks:

steve crooks 1Just a private thank you to Jeremy for helping me pass my test. He was incredibly patient and expertly knowledgeable. It took all of that to beat out the casual driver I had become and to get me to be a far more consciously aware driver on the roads. I have absolutely no doubt that he was the best choice and it was nice to make a friend through the process. Both my wife and I are really grateful as now our lives in Essex have really opened up! Cheers again mate, and I hope you keep in touch!


Caira Mitchell:

ciaria MitchellI’ve really benefited from the pass plus scheme which has provided me with further experience of town, motorway, rural and night driving. I’ve been able to experience very different kinds of driving which has really boosted my confidence as a new driver, especially when driving on motorways! I would definitely recommend the pass plus scheme to anyone who has just passed their test.


Joe Daborn:

joseph dabornLearning with Driving Success was great fun, Jeremy made the whole driving experience enjoyable with well thought out lesson plans and a calm, stress free environment in which to start your driving career. The course helps you become a confident new driver and I would definitely recommend any new drivers to Jeremy.


Ola Sangabowale:

ola sangobowaleJeremy and Driving Success,not only did I find you,but I believe God sent you to me. I enjoyed the discussions and chats and most especially your in depth knowledge and advice as an Instructor. Thank you so much in helping pass my test and giving me the opportunity to now drive solo.


Lauren Hoy:

LaurenWhen I started learning to drive with Jeremy I wasn’t very confident.Jeremy changed this and I’m pleased to say I passed my test with ZERO faults.Great instructor.Thank You.