How Driving Lessons are Structured

Driving SuccessHow many driving schools offer lessons cheaply and involve just driving around aimlessly with no clear objective?

They often include clever clauses to keep you tied in to them forever!

If you are learning to drive and would like to choose a different driving school,then take a look at what our customers say!

We offer a great deal for beginners and for the more experienced learner and would like to welcome you to DRIVING SUCCESS -“THE DRIVING SCHOOL”.

If you think all driving schools are the same you are mistaken. Many teach with no clear objectives or lesson plans and this leads to extending your learning period and can cost you more money in the long run.


At the start of each lesson you will be given the opportunity to recap on your last lesson and ask questions on anything you are still unclear on.


Next the lesson plan for the day will be explained with a clear understanding of the objectives set and what you will hopefully achieve at the end of the lesson.


You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and be offered guided practice and a demonstration if required.


At the end of each lesson you will be given feedback on how you did and clear directions on how you can improve. Also this is your opportunity to comment on your progress and ask questions.You will be given a grade between 1-5 for the tasks set and indication of what will be happening on your next lesson.

Does your current Driving School do all this?

So, don’t just go driving around without a clear understanding of what or how to do things, choose DRIVING SUCCESS -“THE DRIVING SCHOOL” and we’ll give you the help you need to go in the right direction.