Manual Driving Lessons

ford-fiesta-3_1Book Your Manual Driving Lessons With Driving Success

Our aim is to deliver the best in driver training to help you pass your test quickly and save you money. During your manual driving lessons you will follow a structured learning plan which will help you to become a safe and competent driver.

Unlike other Driving Schools,who aimlessly drive around with no real objective-your success is our priority.

At the start, following a recap of the previous lesson you will be encouraged to reach the days lesson plan with options on how this can be achieved.At the end you will be given feedback and the opportunity to express how you felt the lesson went.This modern approach to learning will also use up to date coaching aids and demonstrations if required.

Driving Success will give you  the tools to become a confident and safe driver for life! We also offer help with taking your theory test with information on the latest software available.

Manual driving lessons in BrentwoodOur relaxed and friendly approach to learning to drive will encourage you to develop as a driver in an environment which will allow you to focus without worrying about other factors.

Manual driving lessons are provided in a dual controlled car ensuring your safety is paramount always. All our manual driving lessons are in a Ford Fiesta Zetec that is fully insured and serviced regularly to assure you of the best learning to drive experience.