Driving Test Success

Great news for Lucy who’s become the first pass in April with Driving Success.

Lucy Chapman from Hutton passed her practical driving test on Thursday 2nd April 2015 at the DVSA Driving Test Centre on Warley Hill, Brentwood.

“What a fantastic feeling,I never thought I’d know what that feeling felt like” she said.Passing your driving test is such an emotion, equally failing can be too, as Lucy knows only too well. She is testimony to everyone trying to pass their test if at first you don’t succeed try again!

Quietly competitive Lucy,was determined to beat her brothers record, amongst others and was delighted only to receive three driver faults on her drive around the almost deserted streets of Brentwood.

Many congratulations from Jeremy Pollard and Driving Success driving school and I hope your prayers are answered when it comes to getting your first car.

Passing your Driving Test

Its a fact that not everyone passes their driving test at the first attempt,although its a target most people hope to reach.

Sometimes pressure by other people and themselves can make it harder to pass and its only when those words are heard;”I’m pleased to tell you’ve passed your driving test” that the feeling of success reaches inside.

The driving test can be nerve racking itself and this can be the cause sometimes between passing and failing.For some people who struggle with their nerves in tests and exams its good to be a little bit edgy it gives a little more adrenalin and sharpens your concentration.

However like a lot of things in life its a balancing act and too much of one thing can affect how you perform,so keeping those nerves to a minimum is key to driving test success.

Passing your driving test in Brentwood is not about how many times it takes, its what you become as a driver afterwards.